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This Body Repair Manual provides detailed repair procedures for repair of commonly damaged structural panels on the Hyundai Getz. HYUNDAI GETZ BODY REPAIR MANUAL To aid in the information of the damaged vehicle, body construction, replacement parts, body dimensions, body sealing locations, corrosion protection and body repair procedures are contained herein.
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The Hyundai Repair Manual procedures specify locations where body members may be structurally sectioned. All of the repair procedures have been performed on Hyundai Getz body shells and that is currently available in most auto body repair shops. The repair procedures illustrated in this manual were developed to simplify body repair in order to reduce insurance costs, and indirectly, cost of ownership.
Contents of Hyundai Getz Body Repair Manual

General Information
General guidelines and precautions, srs air-bag, electronic parts, corrosion protection and sealing, side body panels, welding.

Body Construction
Body components, zinc-galvanized steel panels, high strength steel panels, front body, side body, finder & hood, roof, door, tail gate.

Replacement Parts
Front body, side body, rear body,door

Body Dimensions
Measurement Method, upper body, side body, interior, underbody, engine compartment, luggage compartment.

Body Panel Repair Procedure
Fender Apron panel, fender apron and front side member assembly,front side member, front pillar, center pillar, side sill assembly and partial, quarter panel, rear floor, rear side member assembly and partial, front and rear door outer panels.

Body Sealing Locations
Floor,upper & side body

Corrosion Protection
 Zinc-galvanized steel panels,zinc-phosphate coate& cationic electodeposition primer, anti-corrosion primer, antivibration pads-location&section,attachment of antivibration pads,under body coat, side body, cavity wax injection, under body anti-corrosionagent.

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